I am thankful for...

Family that is loving and supportive

Friends that are loving and supportive

A God that knows what He is doing
A perfect nephew

A car that works

Safe snowy traveling

A job that is so much more than an 8:00 - 5:00 responsibility

An awesome church home

Christmas music

Christmas lights

Christmas GIVING

My three foot Christmas tree :)

Good stories

Good food

Good cooks in the family!

Completion of Semester #1 (out of 6)
Good books - any recommendations?
... a more thourough blog is on it's way


two things

I've got two things to say:
1. I admire dilligent bloggers
2. I am not one of them

I'm not even going to use the "b" word (busy) b/c everyone can use that 'lack of time' excuse. I WILL blog soon. In fact... I WILL post a new entry by next week. Hold me to it!


God is good!

This week has been the craziest most eventful week of my life. I have become 3 new things all in a matter of 2 days. I have begun my full-time nanny position with the most awesome kids and parents :) I have become a graduate student in Boise State’s Counselor Education program. And by far most importantly I have become an Aunt to themost beautiful, perfect, sweetest little boy named Timothy David :)

Usually these big life events are spread out in time and staggered among family members… but this time our entire family had huge events happening. Lindsey started undergrad college at Boise State and moved out of “the nest”. My parents sent their youngest kid to a faraway land for school – I am told that is somewhat of a nest shaker ;) They also became first time grandparents – also a huge event I am told ;) I already mentioned my school and work changes. After a day and a half of labor, Nicole freed Timmy from the dark abyss. Apparently he loved it there… it was quite a struggle for her, Mark, and the doctors to get him out. If you want an awesomely detailed version of the story, see Mark’s facebook – the Dad’s perspective of birth :) The short version: 32 hours of labor (correct this if I’m wrong Nicole), 3.5 hours of pushing, lots of anxiety and prayer, and no baby. A C-section was in order… but even that was a fight – Timmy was positioned in the birthing canal just right/wrong so that he couldn’t go the natural route and had to be shimmied a lot to be manually pulled out of her uterus. Make sense? However, he was born at 2:01 on August 25th – 8 lbs 15 oz. and 21 inches of beautiful baby :)

The coolest part of all of this is seeing that love gush from Mark and Nicole… it’s quite a sight.



I've been ignoring this blog.... no reason, no good excuses. So I'm just going to type stuff as it comes to me... if you don't like reading disorganized ramblings.... just go eat a cookie or something.

I've been in Idaho for a month now, and quite a bit has happened... and not happened.

I feel dumb saying this because it's so apparent... but God has been guiding this new part of my life from the very start. I've been frustrated, royally pissed, stressed to almost the max, and ridiculously excited all b/c of all this mumbo jumbo.

I've been looking for an apartment since March/April... and I am just now applying for my first one. I'm not one to make quick decisions or to choose something when I haven't seen all my options. So it took a lot of searching to find the golden ticket. This place that I've chosen to apply for has met 90% of all my requirements. But... that doesn't mean that's where I'm supposed to be - so I'll be excited when I get the call. Patience is being tested and stretched - but all for a good reason... right God??

Speaking of searching... Chris is still searching for a job out here and has resorting to searching/applying for jobs in CA b/c no one is hiring out here. I know he will be where he is supposed to be... but we both thought that that would be Boise in a very short time. And maybe it will be.

I've been rescued from a $1,500 Volkswagen service department bill - ya. Thank you Jesus for warranties. I lost my phone for a few hours... and luckily found it in a park on the AF base... had I dropped it 1 second later it would have been parking lot roadkill.

I work for two awesome families - families that hardly know me but are so generous to me... how did I land such a great job? I have so much freedom at this job, and they are so trusting - it's a great feeling. Working at the daycare was awesome, but this job has such a great pace...it's exactly what I needed.

I've been spending a lot of time with my sister and bro-in-law and the bun in the oven - it's crazy to say that this is the most time we have spent together in 5 years? That doesn't sound right b/c it's so long...but it's true. Timothy is going to have such a great life :) The kid already has an awesome room... mostly everything on the walls were made/decorated by Nicole.

I'm tired of typing. And if I were you...I'd be tired of reading by now.

More frequent updating is in the future!


The journey

Here's a few pictures of our journey West...

The Tetons... if you have never seen them... you NEED to go. They are nothing short of majestic.

More to come...



Here I am... fartin around online... when I should be packing and sorting. I am really excited to leave tomorrow - but now the jitters are setting in. I'm not looking forward to waking up at the crack of dawn... but it will be all good once we are in the car and on the road.
The picture above is of me and a little girl and baby girl from the daycare - I think it's the cutest picture! I would post other pictures of the kids... but I don't want to unless I had permission from their parents.
This morning I had breakfast at the cafe with Al and Wyatt did a little shopping in town. Then we had to say goodbye :( We both agreed that we are bad at getting together...even when we are only 30 minutes away. I'm going to really miss being near them :(
In a little bit I'm going to go hang out with my Grandma - it's going to be really hard to say goodbye to her. And then tomorrow, it's goodbye time with mom. But it won't be too sad b/c she will be coming out in August to see Timothy!
I cannot wait to see Mark and Nicole - Timothy has grown so much and apparently he is really active...so I hope to see some womb sumersaults! Painless ones of course!
... I'm hoping the audiobooks from the library are good ones. Music is great... but it's nice to mix it up a little.
I'm really going to miss being around my Mom and Dad and the rest of the clan out here :\ The 4 years that I was away at college, I really did miss them. It was a lot of fun being so close to my Aunts and Uncles and Grandma - even though we didn't get together much with some of them... it was fun when we did.
Well I should go finish packing. So my dad doesn't have a panic attack when he gets home. "YOU'RE NOT DONE YET?! WE LEAVE TOMORROW! ON TIME!!" ya... let's prevent that.


yahoo! but...

Currently, I am thinking that...

I am reeeally just anxious to get on the road and move out to Idaho...
... but I am definitely NOT looking forward to Tuesday b/c it is my last day at work and I just don't want to say goodbye to all my little munchkins! Working at the daycare has been such a blessing - God really knew what he was doing when he chose that job for me. My co-workers and I all mesh sooo well - it's almost crazy. It's great to have co-workers that you can depend on have fun with - even on days where the kids are NUTSO. My schedule is great - I get to sleep in and mosey on over to work at 10:00 a.m. I get to hang out with kids that are just plain cute and stinkin hilarious. Don't get me wrong... they have their moments where their cuteness is nowhere to be seen - but I still love them :) It is going to be a sad day on Tuesday :\ But... my co-workers are throwing a 'going away' dinner for me at a local restaurant... and I'm super excited for that. I just hope there are no tears - I hate tearful goodbyes. Yes... that means that I prefer cold, heartless, quick and meaningless goodbyes. K not really.

oooh! I get to babysit my friends little baby boy now... I'll continue this...someday :)



This is what I saw... as I took shelter in a vet clinic on my way to work. One of the scariest moments ever! I thought for sure I was going to die. This picture definitely does not show how dark the clouds were... or how fast they were moving.... holy cow I can't even describe how freaked out I was. It's one thing to be at home - with a basement just below you - and another to be in your car pretty much in the middle of nowhere.

It wasn't just dark clouds that I saw... the reason I ran into this vet clinic was because I saw stuff blowing everywhere... and people RUNNING. So... I figured I had a pretty valid reason to start panicking. And so I panicked.

Thank goodness nothing happened... the worst part of the storm was north of us. And for that I am thankful.

I got to end my day on a really nice note -

Hanging out with this little guy and momma Al :) Wyatt is 6 months old - and he has successfully completed his training in sitting up on his own! woot! And from what I am told... he is quite the rolliepollie. It was definitely a good way to close a crazy long day.
10 more days....
and I'll be on my way to Idaho :)
... and out of this Wizard of Oz weather :


If I won the lottery

I would fill my future apartment with....


my favorite city

more leaves

a cool catchall

a place to sit; not as comfy as a couch, but stinkin cute

this, and other pillows/throw blankets that match/work with those colors

actually, scratch that. these colors are better.

something along these lines

oooh dhalias = love

paired with a liner, maybe this could be used as a shower curtain?

oh to drink out of these - i'm sold

ooohlala - but not dishwasher safe :(

in my dreams

.... to be continued :)


manic monday

I would just like to state that I am totally insecure about my body right now.... the thought of getting into a bathing suit in a month or so makes me want to ________. Just fill in the blank. I can't even explain. I've been thinking....maybe I'll get a tankini and wear shorts with that and call that a bathing suit? What kind of tan line would that produce?? ;) I've never been this distraught about bathing suit season.

As of this morning.... I've decided that I am wasting time and emotional energy on stressing about this 'problem'. I am going to do something about it. In fact...I already have. I picked up a Self magazine the other day and decided to commit to doing the workout they suggest. And... I felt like such a weakling fatty that I am slightly inspired to do it again tomorrow morning.

However, I think half my problem is what I eat. I eat junk 75% of the time. Cupcakes... and yadadadada. I could go on for a while. It shouldn't be this hard b/c I love healthy food too... a lot. I guess I just don't crave it like I crave sweets.

Therefore....I will be writing down everything I eat from breakfast to those late night snacks.... so that I can really see what I eat in one day (maybe I'll even total up caloric intake).

There are two reasons that I am posting this: (1) so that YOU can keep me acountable (2) Now it's on 'paper' and I have to follow through with what I said.

We'll see how this goes. And don't worry.... I do know that Jesus loves me no matter what physical state I'm in. lol.

Happy Monday!


Kicking it in gear

Ok... once I get out of my pajamas... I am going to:

>finish cleaning my room
>sulk about the gloomy weather
>applique some more onesies...maybe like this one?
>continue drinking coffee
>plan decorations/food/activities for Nicole's baby shower. FUN!
>get excited about the amazing week ahead (Nicole coming on Wednesday, my b-day on Friday, Lindsey's Graduation on Sunday... and more!)
>and of course keep searching for apartments online
>go to the church movie night?


times are uhchangin

I spent the last several days with Mark, Nicole, little Timothy and Gidget in Mountain Home, Idaho :) I had so much fun hanging out with them. We spent a lot of time in Boise and the surrounding towns.

I set up an interview with a lady named Melissa through the nanny site called care.com - the interview was on Friday. From the moment I recieved a reply from Melissa, I felt really good about my chances of getting an interview with her to be her family's nanny. I was confident because I have the experience to support my desire to be a nanny and a very open schedule (theoretically). When it comes down to it... I'm going to be swamped with school work... but I am 'free' anytime other than Monday and Thursday evenings.

Nicole and I drove to my interview together... and we were expecting a very nice neighborhood... and weren't surprised to find ourselves in an amaaaazing neighborhood. The houses were crazy beautiful. The town of Eagle is sooo nice and clean... and pretty unique in my opinion. Once I got to the house, I was greeted by quite a few members of the family. I got to meet the kids... and of course they are so stinkin cute! They have an 8 mo. old boy and a 3 year old boy... and a family friend - a 2.5 year old girl :) The interview was so relaxed - I felt like we hit it off right away. It was the funnest interview I have ever had.... they helped me in the way of picking areas in Boise to look for apartments and so on and so forth. I don't really think that I was expecting to meet a bunch of weirdos... but I guess since we only talked through care.com, a little part of me feared that they might be odd or something... ??

Anyway, I was confident when I left the interview.... and I knew that if she offered me the job that I would take it - no doubt. I'm usually such a worrier... and I don't think I really worried about getting the job. Well... I got a call from Melissa on Monday... and she offered me the job :) Of course I took it....I had chills/butterflies/whatever else you get when you're freaking excited. I still can't believe that I landed an amazing job (or what I predict to be an amazing job) so early on! I start July 15 --- who hires that early? I'm so stoked that my plans for Boise are working out so smoothly. This job will be paying more than I budgeted for. I'm also really glad that this family understands that I will be commited to school as well.

I went to an orientation for BSU and got to meet most of the people in my cohort - and a few people in the cohort ahead of me. I have a mentor from that cohort-- which is super comforting.

I got to meet some of Nicole and Marks friends and church family. Mark invited me to play raquetball and wallyball on the base with him. I had such a good time! I had never played either of those sports before....and holy cow raquetball is intense! Wallyball is awesome too... it's basically volleyball but you can hit the ball of the walls and ceilings. Pretty darn sweet.

I'm still continuing the search for an apartment. There are a few that we visited that I really liked - so I'll have to keep those in mind. It was nice to have Nicole and Mark along. Without them I would have been so overwhelmed and freaked out.

Currently I'm debating about where exactly I should live -- closer to school or closer to work? Either way I'll be driving a little bit. Lots of big decisions to make.

That's a whole lot of detail that I just typed... but all that to say... I'm so excited to move to Idaho. It's so beautiful there... I could go on and on. But most of all...it's going to be sooo amazing being only 45 min. away from Mark and Nicole and the munchkin on the way :)


A spoon full of sugar

I leave tomorrow before the crack of dawn for Boise.... and I can't wait. I don't think I'll be getting much sleep tonight. I still need to pack... maybe even finish some laundry *hopefully not!*

Poor Mark and Nicole are sick though... hopefully it's just a 24 hour thing. Or maybe I'll get lucky... catch it...and bring it here to share!! I'm all about sharing.

Tomorrow at 3:30 I have an interview with a lady that I can't wait to meet. She and her husband have an 8 month old baby boy, a 3 yr. old boy, and a 2 1/2 yr. old girl (friend of the family) that I might be the nanny for a couple days a week. They sound like such a fun family... and I have a really good feeling about this interview. I'm not nervous yet. I would really love to be hired by her because it sounds like a very promising, long-term commitment.

I'm still waiting to hear back from another lady about when to meet. If I land two part-time nanny positions... I'll have it made! I'll have nice hours (not a strict M-F 9-5 sort of thing) and a good paycheck and not too many hours. I plan on only taking 9 units at BSU so I can acclimate to being back in school and working full time.

And there's another lady that wants me to call her a couple weeks before I move out there. *Please don't hire anybody else!*

I'm so excited and I hope this all works out... but who knows... maybe God has something else for me.

I haven't even mentioned how excited I am to see Mark and Nicole.... and Gidget ;) Nicole is 24.5 weeks now and I can't wait to see the belly!! :) And I can't wait to see their new home! Hopefully they get over the flu quick :(

Anyway... time to get ready for work and maybe think about what I should wear for the interview? I never know what to wear... it's a nanny position... should I dress like Mary Poppins or something?

...oh and hopefully I find a good apartment this weekend too. Maybe I'll find a place that only charges $100/month... with a pool, washer/dryer in unit, room service, you know... the standard requirements.

So excited!!



This weekend has been slightly busy, and in a good way. Lindsey had prom yesterday... so I helped 'turn the beast into a beauty' ;) I did her hair and makeup... not hard to do since she's a showstoppahh! Here's the frumpy/beasty before picture ;)
And after:

Here's some more pics...

So anywho, it was fun getting her all dressed up :)
Lately I've been applying to every job that I come accross online. Last night I spend 1.5 hours on an application for a receptionist position at a Lithia car dealership. Maybe I just wasted an hour and a half of my life... but I'm in no position where I can be picky. I'm really hoping that I'll at least get a call/ email from someone. I don't necessarily see myself thriving as a receptionist... but it's generally a decent paying job with benefits. I've been applying for nanny and childcare positions as well. I would prefer a job in one of those areas... but usually those sort of jobs don't provide the best pay/benefits. Thank goodness all of this is NOT up to me. God knows where I'll be working and I just need to realize that he'll take care of it.
Before I started working at the daycare where I currently work, I was so stressed and mad because the right kind of jobs in the right locations weren't readily available... and that's because I was supposed to work at this daycare. I just need to remember that God took care of my needs then, and will continue to do so. Even if it doesn't fit MY description of what's right for me or my idea of the right time.
Meanwhile... I get pretty darn bummed thinking that I have to leave those little munchkins soon. They are such a big part of my life! I'm with most of them close to 40 hours a week and it's going to be a tearful day when I have to leave 'em.

Agenda for this week:
*call advisor & register for classes
*create a 'things to get' list
*check U-haul rates
*keep hunting for a good Dell laptop
*keep job hunting
*keep apartment hunting
*keep on keepin on


ohh chicken nuggets

So... I don't think I've mentioned that I got into Boise State :) ... therefore... there are two things on my mind. I need a job and a place to live....

these sort of times really stress me out.

Most of my spare time now goes to searching for jobs/apartments online. yikeroonies. i just hope that God has a beautifully stressfree plan for me. *sigh*



those green double underlined links on my blog are not from me. I'm slightly confused about where they came from? oh well.

home improvement confessional

In an effort to improve myself... here's a confessional.

I am terrible at saving money. TERRIBLE. I've been meaning to make a rewards/punishment system for myself because I know from experience that it would help. And I have no good reason for why I haven't done it yet. I'm so tired of the stress that money brings. It consumes way to much of my thinking. I lived pretty darn frugally during college and now I guess I'm just splurging b/c I can. Except... I shouldn't. And it needs to stop. Maybe I'll post my personal contract/rewards system ... those kind of things are much more effective when they are shared with a neighbor.

That is my number one pet peeve about myself. Number two is the fact that I am terrible at maintaining/building relationships. This has to do with people that I am already friends with and people that I am building a relationship with. My mind does funny things. Sometimes I think that the other person is going to judge me... on my looks, on my thoughts, on my opinions... on my anything. And the thought of being judged just gives me the heebie jeebies. Actually, it would be ignorant and stupid to think that people don't judge me... but I think it is stupid of me to let it immobilize me. Yet, it does. I analyze everything too much... and will be the first to admit that being so analytical can be damaging. This fear keeps me from initiating conversations with people... and since I've realized that, I've been able to tackle it one conversation at a time.

Sometimes I try to just float through life/relationships... avoiding controversy/pain/anything that might spark emotion. Maybe I'm afraid to grow? I don't know. Don't get attached... because who knows what's going to happen right?

I don't know where this came from... but uh... sometimes it helps to just GO. and type.


I love this song by Brandon Heath...

Give me your eyes for just one second, Give me your eyes so I can see, Everything that I keep missing, Give me your love for humanity. Give me Your arms for the broken-hearted The ones that are far beyond my reach. Give me Your heart for the ones forgotten. Give me Your eyes so I can see.


My patience is being tested, that is for sure. I still have not recieved anything from Boise yet. I'm trying to not let my nervousness and frustration build... but jeez that's pretty hard to do.

Here's something to do:

This is probably the biggest collection of creative places, things, architecture etc. that I have ever seen.

A very traditional idea... made new.

This has nothing to do with drugs.

If only money grew on trees.... I would splurge here.

And here.

Soon I will be making one of these.

... I need to peruse some antique shops for a frame.

That's all for now :)


I guess you could say I'm pretty darn peeved that I haven't heard from Boise yet... If I don't get a letter/call from them by tomorrow.... I will be officially pissed. I have been waiting and waiting... with no idea what the letter will say. PINS AND NEEDLES are NOT comfy. Not comfy I tell ya.

Chris is coming out here on Wednesday... and I've been boggling my mind on what fun stuff we could do. The Omaha zoo looks so amazing... and so cheap! They have the largest Rainforest exhibit and desert exhibit in the world. Not sure if we'll get there though...

Anywhooo... here is the product of my boredom:

Where do you live?
cornville hawarden

What is your favorite color?
ohh, i have lots of favs. earthy tones are the best, especially greens and yellows.

What is your favorite city?
San Francisco... there's just something about that place. lots of memories I suppose :

What is your favorite thing to cook?
pancakes and french toast...easy and soooo guuuuud.

What beauty product can you not live without?
ooohh, estea lauder anything. their eyeshadow is amazing.

What is your favorite nyc restaurant?
oh sure, uh... never been there.

What is one thing you can’t help but splurge on?
good shampoo and conditioner... especially KMS California ... miracle working stuff i tell ya.

What is your favorite word?
punky doodle. or snickerdoodle. or cacahuete.

What movie can you recite by heart?
you know, even if i watch a movie and love it i probably won't watch it again for several months. sooo... i'm not a reciter.

What is your favorite thing to do on the weekend?
oh just farting around.

Which tv show makes you happiest?
The Office. No matter what my day was like, NBC thursday night at 8 p.m. ... I will be smiling.

What is your favorite beverage?
coffee. ugh. currently drinking it.

What is one trend that totally victimized you?
i would definitely avoid calling myself trendy... i might take some ideas from whats currently trendy and warp it to my own liking. maybe it's a good thing....maybe it's not.

If you could trade lives with anyone for a day who would you chose?
I would trade with Obama...and quit. sorry.

What is your favorite comfort food?

What famous person do you think you most resemble?
really, no one. i've been told i look like the girl from sabrina the teenage witch.... ??

What was the best piece of advice you were ever given? Who gave it to you?
Just about every night of my life (when i have to drive somewhere) my dad tells me to watch out for deer. That's some darn good advice...they are EVERYWHERE. I hate em.

What three possessions do you value most?
My job, my car, my socks.

What three non-material things do you value most?
How about the obvious... the people i love, my Savior, and life in America.

When was the last time you told someone you loved them? Who was it?
Oh, earlier I told Chris that I love him :)


Just around the river bend!!

Shoot, now I have that Pocahontas song stuck in my head. And so do you!

Ok, sorry.

I'm doing everything I can to not have a nervous break down. I'm trying to think of everything BUT the fact that I have an interview with BSU in less than two hours... on the phone. If this would have been the case a year ago...I would have been pacing and crying. I used to HATE talking on the phone with people I have never met... especially when it was regarding something even remotely important. I might even say it was a phobia. K, maybe not... but it just seems more blog worthy that way.

I used to write out what I was going to say... and rehearse it in my head (several times). I used to put off the phone call until the VERY. LAST. MINUTE. Then I would have a new sense of panic because of the time crunch. Sometimes I would just sit there with my phone in my hand...number dialed... waiting to hit send... My heart rate would SOAR... then I would get shaky... and meanwhile my friends are like... "JUST DO IT!!" ... I'm getting shaky just reminiscing.

I know for sure that I have missed out on a lot of good opportunities because of that fear. BUT, I have come a long way... and have had many phone calls with people I have never met... phone calls regarding important matters... and I have survived! Wow...this sounds lame. But I'm proud because it is something that I have overcome.

All that to say... I think I will be fine during this interview... it's just the anticipation that's killing me. I'm going to just talk with them... and hopefully they can see that I am genuine and passionate. I am terrible at expressing my thoughts, so I'm trusting that God will guide my words.

Holy Moly.

It's Nicole's birthday today :) She told me that since the interview is on her birthday... nothing can go wrong :) I like that idea!

Happy Birthday Nicole!!



Just do it. Click on the links! I'm aiming for a random collaboration of sites that I enjoy...


... This is just funny. It's something that I'm sure we've all been a witness to...


... I discovered this site through a friend that got her engagement photos done by this photographer... and HOLY COW! She's only been taking pictures for a year... and explains that she sort of stumbled upon this new found hobby/business... and she's awesome! Check it out.


... Just plain funny.



... For those days when you just need a reminder of how 'normal' you are.


...I stumbled across this blog, and thankfully stumbled across her blogroll/links page... fun for YEARS. I love browsing through people's showcase type blogs where they display all their projects...AND explain how they did it. It's inspiring and sickening all at the same time ;)


...Needless to say... I'm addicted to networks like this one.

Consider this Part I. :)


It's a good one!

Today has been awesome... and it's only 11:30!

I'm scheduled for an interview with the Counselor Edu. department at Boise State on Thursday the 12th at 9:50!!


And....I just got a really cheap windshield estimate... life is GOOD!

... thank goodness for small businesses :)
.... Shnitzle can come out of that dark garage soon!

And... oh my goodness it's supposed to be 60 degrees today!!! All the snow is gone :) It was foggy this morning... and it felt like a CA winter.

And... I don't have to go to work until 1 wooo!


Good news

It's supposed to be up to 50 degrees by Friday!! This might help me get through this next week :)


The new picture in my heading is one I took in southern California (Dec. 08)... my favorite tree is in the picture ---the California Oak. I can't get enough of those trees. They're huge!! Their silhouettes are unlike any other. I love em!

Here's some more from that same trip with Chris:

Chris likes to make fun of me for taking pictures of random things...that's just too bad because it's one of my hobbies :) Don't judge!

And this one...I'm awfully wrinkly in this picture and makeupless... but Chris looks cute, and the background and lighting are sweet.

That is all.


Cabin fever

I'm feeling like I've been couped up for years. I went back to work yesterday... and it kicked my butt. I'm hoping my energy comes back by Monday. Today has been so blah. I can't muster up the energy or motivation to do anything. Maybe it's my antibiotic?

I was going to visit Emily and Jerry in Kansas City tomorrow and then I found out it's close to a 6 hour drive... and I don't have the time or the funds for that. Man, that would have been fun though. I miss them!!

I almost feel depressed. I just need some warm weather. I just want to sit outside and read a book or play with the dogs... but it's still too white and cold out there. I vacuumed the glass out of my car today and my fingers about froze off....even though I had heavy duty Dad-approved gloves on. I'm working on getting a new windshield.... so maybe I can take Shnitzle for a spin again.

Right now I wish I could....

visit a bunch of people i miss
just lay in the sun
go for a run
play tennis
go to a concert

Chris is coming at the end of March :)

Well...I'm off to fill out the FAFSA... this procrastinating thing is still in full swing.

How many days til Spring?? www.snowsucks.com

Death Cab is going to be in Omaha... oh man that would be awesome.


Oh dee doh dee

I got it. Influenza A. Aaaand I'm hoping I haven't shared it with anyone. So if you've seen me in the last 5ish days... and find yourself coughing... go to the doctor and get tested for Influenza A right away! Not a big deal... they just shove a cotton swab up your nose... and take it to the lab and you get the test results in a few minutes. If you catch it in the first 48 hours... you can get meds to kill it, otherwise you have to let it run its course.

Can you tell I've been sick... nothing else to report besides ailments.

Oh except, Lindsey got accepted into Boise State :) That's pretty darn exciting! She's a Bronco in the making! Yay for blue turf!

Aaaand I'm waiting for my letter :\

Since I've been bedridden I've been reading this book called Things We Couldn't Say. It's all about the Dutch resistance to the Germans in WWII. If you have any slight interest in war stories or human rights issues... you would love the book. I'm only a 1/4 of the way through and I'm thinking of selling my German car.... ok not really but I'm going to look at Shnitzle a little differently ;)

This is really no place for joking.... just go read the book.

I am so excited about baseball .... opening day is 39 days away! Spring is the best time of the year, there aint no doubt about it.

I think I might sign up to be on a softball team for the summer... I'm pretty sure there's a co-ed slowpitch league in town... I'm not 100% that I will do it... since I'll be all by my lonesome. But I miss softball so much!!

I can't wait to get back to work...I've missed 3 days and I really miss those munchkins!!


shnitzle got stoned.

Yesterday may have well been a Fri. the 13th. I was on my way to work and as I was passing the Ethanol plant near Hudson a semi picked up a rock and hucked it at my windshield. UGH! So now there is a baseball size gash as well as many shapes and sizes of glass shards in my car. WHAT DID I DO TO DESERVE THIS! I've had this car for around 4 months.... and it's been in the ditch, in the shop, and now it's been stoned. sigh. Shnitzle is nothing but trouble these days.

Speaking of trouble.... I was around the most rotten kids yesterday. ROTTEN. There is no better way to describe them.

I kept thinking... it's a good thing that these kids already have a special place in my heart... otherwise.... I would run away. And they're cute... so that always helps.

... They were also pretty funny yesterday... it all worked out.


The crazy cat lady

Everybody knows a single (and not so ready to mingle) female (usually unattractive) that has a more than obvious attachment to cats; formally known as the Crazy Cat Lady.

Well... my little sister happens to be the Crazy Cat Lady in my life. Aren't I lucky?? Almost any conversation we have can turn toward the topic of "her kitties". Today Lindsey and I were in a fabric store... she goes up to this box full of pillow stuffing stuff and pretends to make it purr. We have this running joke that she owes me her first born child (and the next 4 babies) in order to pay me back for the things I do for her... she easily agreed to this. BUT when I started saying that she owed me a cat... she just about cried. Oh wait, she did cry. Here are a few pictures to help illustrate what I am talking about...

"Hey Lindsey lets take some family pictures."
"Ok!! Let me get a kitty first."

Sweet. More to come....


Certain shade of gray

Today was a very odd day... I felt like I was back in California. It rained on and off today, and the wind is still blowing, and the sky was this color gray that I havn't seen in a while.

For the longest time, the only winter weather I knew was rain and wind. What a strange feeling to have to take a double take on my location... it was kind of unsettling. I still wish that I was in Ripon... but I am glad to be where I am as well. I'm being handed great opportunities and I'm building relationships that I am very thankful for.

But anyway, I loved the rain today and I hope there is more of it. I would much rather weather the rain than the snow... rain boots are pretty fun ;)

...Sidenote... I'm anxiously waiting to hear back from Boise State...I'm thinking I'll hear from them by early March....? :\


little tid bits

I'm very excited to report that I am officially done applying to Boise State.... everything has been faxed/mailed and I have been robbed of $55... but for a good cause I suppose. I'm pursuing a Masters degree. I am pursuing a Masters degree... wait is this real?? It feels like yesterday that I was applying for Undergraduate programs. My goodness. It's an odd feeling thinking that I am planning on being a School Counselor... when I feel still feel so young. Anyway, everything fell into place as far as application stuff goes... I really waited til the last minute (it's a skill I tell ya). Man, I hope they love me. Because I often think that my application will just mesh into all the others... but that is no way to think. They're gunna love me dang it.

Since I've been working at the daycare, I've been slowly remembering random memories of when I was younger. For instance... I was always convinced that kids were crazy and I would never have the patience to work with them (i.e. teaching) ...and now I cannot think of much else that would suffice. Except maybe being an architect... that is a serious dream of mine. It's a shame I hate math.

Speaking of math...

I was browsing through the "blogs of note" and I found this random lady's blog (apparentley it's worth reading) and she had a link for www.yogatoday.com .... and I have to say, I couldn't be more excited because this site has FREE yoga session videos. FREE! Nothing is ever free (really) ... except the videos on this site. You don't even have to sign up... you just click 'play'. SWEET! Ya, it's a good thing. I love yoga and I am just overjoyed that I found this. There are tons of videos -- you can actually sign up to receive an email with a new video every day. But uh, no thanks, I'll just pick which ones I want.

I'm going to be starting a series of classes through Sanford Children's Services in Sioux Falls in a few weeks. There are 9 classes and they are held once a week for two(ish) months. This is very exciting because the classes will more than cover my mandatory training requirements for work and maybe I can learn something useful...or something. A little somethin somethin to throw on my resume.

I cannot wait to be an Aunt... seriously. It's a title that I've been dying to have... so uh, thanks to Nicole and Mark for finally letting me be an Aunt. lol. I have all kinds of plans of things I want to make / do / etc. for this little munchkin in Nicole's ginourmous tummy.

It looks like tomorrow we are going to get a little taste of live-able weather. I think we might see 40 degrees? *please please please* I thought I'd never see the day. In fact, I never thought I would be excited to see anything below FIFTY. But, you live and you learn. And what doesn't kill you.... makes you stronger. Thanks to Kanye, because without that gem of a song... I would not be able to get through this winter. I hope you sense my sarcasm. It is Kanye right?
Anyway, because of the potentially good weather... Lindsey, my mom, and I are going to check out downtown Sioux Falls... chezeck it out.

I've been recognizing that I am really blessed to have my job. I work with kids that are just beyond crazy and amazing, I work with great people, and I just could not imagine my life without this job. This past summer I was so very frustrated with not being able to find a job in Hawarden, but man thank goodness I didn't find any.... because this job is perfect for me. God knew that and knows everything else that I am going to be doing.... which is awesome because I'm about as human as it gets.

Well this is just about long enough.

Ok, now its perfect.




new goal

I have a new goal. STOP PROCRASTINATING. right now. I'm terrible!! I waited until the last minute to get my application going for Boise State and now.... I'm risking it big time. I'm supposed to get three letters of recommendation (to show that I am qualified to do graduate work) and a letter talking about my career goals/ why I want to be a School Counselor and I am nervous that it is not going to happen. I can get the letter done... but I'm worried about putting this stress on three other people. "Hey you have about 5 seconds to write a letter in which you tell Boise State why I am such a cool person...." meanwhile they are thinking.... I hate you Stephanie..... thanks for the short notice. Oh well...hopefully people are gracious!

I hope this works.

At least I have Shnitzle back --- she has both headlights again :)


Man oh man

I never knew so many emotions could be experienced in such a short time...

The week of Christmas my family and I flew out to Ripon and spent the holidays with my Grandparents and Uncle and his family. My Grandparents' have been having some health problems so we wanted to spend the holidays with them. It was awesome to be together for Christmas. It was really hard to see how much they have been aging. When you leave someone for months at a time, you tend to hold on to the mental picture of what they were like when you hugged them goodbye the last time. Before Christmas, the last time I saw my Grandparents was at my college graduation in May.

Now they are in need of nearly constant monitoring. It is weird to think that 4 months ago, they were living completely on their own. My Grandpa is living in a nursing home right now and my Grandma will be moving in tomorrow. I'm glad that they are okay with being in a nursing home.

My Grandparents are awesome. Most of my childhood memories involve them. They opened their home and their hearts to me and my sisters. They always say "You girls are like our own kids". Man, life would be so different if I wasn't able to spend all that time with them. Whenever my Grandpa prays he always says "Let us be a blessing to others". He doesn't just pray that.... he really lives it. They have taught me that being a blessing to others is one of the best gifts you can give. I miss them so much!!

One of the hardest parts about living in South Dakota is being away from them. I remember when my dad told me that we were definitely moving to SD.... I was so pissed. And once that subsided, I was just depressed because I knew that saying goodbye to my Grandparents would be so difficult. It was horrible. I hate goodbyes to begin with... and that was just terrible.

All that to say... being with them for Christmas was the best present :) ... but little did I know...

If you havn't already heard.... My sister Nicole and her hubby Mark are going to have a baby :) What a great surprise! We all are so stoked :) The baby is due in August. Can't wait!! I get to be Auntie Shtephy!!

Amidst all the excitement, there was some terrible news as well. Chris called me on Christmas Eve and told me that his Grandpa George passed away. This completely broke my heart. Grandpa George was such an awesomely selfless man. I am so glad that I got the chance to know him. I still cannot believe that he has gone to be with the Lord. When I was spending time with Chris and his family, I heard a few times that Christmas was Grandpa George's favorite holiday. It is encouraging to think that he got to spend his favorite holiday with his Savior.

I am really thankful that I was able to spend a week with Chris and his family. I got to hear some great stories and memories of Grandpa George. What a guy!

Through all of this, I have relearned how to depend on the Lord for strength. He knows my daily needs... and it's a good thing because I have a such a false idea of what I need.

I am so thankful for the people in my life. Hopefully I am a blessing to them as much as they are to me.