another update

My Grandma is having another procedure done right now to drain more fluid. All prayers are appreciated :\



My Grandma is doing well after the procedure that was done last night. Thanks for praying :) She is going to be in the hospital for the next day or two I am guessing... but right now, things are looking up.


I'm a little concerned at the moment. My Grandma in CA is in the hospital getting fluid/blood drained from her head... as I am writing this. I'm not sure exactly what happened to lead to this... but I'm just on edge right now. It breaks my heart to think of what my Grandma is going through...and my Grandpa too. My grandpa just had heart surgery about 2 months ago. That was stressful for him and us for a few reasons, beside the obvious reason. And now, when life may have started to get back to normal for my Grandparents (as much as it could have), my Grandma has this new health problem.

I just want something to start looking up. Maybe I shouldn't say that since his surgery went well and he's doing well.... I just want some comfort for them. Maybe they are comforted enough... they are the strongest Christians that I know. I just can't bare the thought of life without them.

My family is blessed beyond measure.... but sometimes it seems like the problems are never ending.

I don't like sounding like a pessimist...it just kind of comes out of me sometimes.

I'm crushed right now.



I needed something to do with my spare time... so I went to the library and rented Veronica Mars Season 1. The show always looked stupid and really just not worth my time. Plus, no one ever made a big deal of it... so I kind of forgot it ever existed. Well...I've been bored. So, like I said... I needed something to do.

I am kind of in a reading slump. I've tried to get into reading books again... but after chasing kids 8 hours a day... my eyes are tired and I don't really feel like reading. I have one good friend out here... but she's got her own life and she lives a good 30 minutes away. And now with the wintery stuff around the corner... I'm going to have to find something to keep myself occupied.

So... I've started to watch this show. I am addicted! I get bored easily with tv and movies... so I am impressed with whoever put this Nancy Drew-ish show together.

And I just read a review on www.imdb.com and it seems that no one liked the show lol. That's awesome. Well whether or not I'm the lone fan of this show or not... it's entertaining. Believable characters or not... I've been sucked in.

I can't be the only one that hates all those nasty crime/investigation over done cop shows. I'm really all about watching those light hearted tv shows... such as The Office. That show is awesome. There are few other things in life that make me laugh like that show. Do yourself a favor...watch The Office. Maybe Veronica Mars too.... or maybe just call me lame :)