new goal

I have a new goal. STOP PROCRASTINATING. right now. I'm terrible!! I waited until the last minute to get my application going for Boise State and now.... I'm risking it big time. I'm supposed to get three letters of recommendation (to show that I am qualified to do graduate work) and a letter talking about my career goals/ why I want to be a School Counselor and I am nervous that it is not going to happen. I can get the letter done... but I'm worried about putting this stress on three other people. "Hey you have about 5 seconds to write a letter in which you tell Boise State why I am such a cool person...." meanwhile they are thinking.... I hate you Stephanie..... thanks for the short notice. Oh well...hopefully people are gracious!

I hope this works.

At least I have Shnitzle back --- she has both headlights again :)


Haf Dozen Reasons....... said...

Keep procastinating! We dont want you and Lindsey to go to Boise!

Emil said...

your sis is going too? well to relieve some of your stress, i knew you were going to ask me to write you a letter of rec, so here it is:

Dear BSU,

I am sorry to hear that you have to touch an application that Jr touched. that is plain gross. i think it is a given that no one will recommend her for grad school, but maybe as the garbage sorter? I feel bad for her so i am asking that you do this, so she will feel like she is getting somewhere in life. this would be a huge step up for her. there will be a special spot in heaven if you do this for her. thank you!


Haf Dozen Reasons....... said...

I am a cupcake fan too! Of cupcakes themselves too! They are cutsie and yummo all in one lil cake! So dont judge! Will you share the cupcake site that you follow?

For Dirk and Zach's graduations I made creme filled cupcakes. They are sooo easy to make and soooo delish! And they are a hit!