manic monday

I would just like to state that I am totally insecure about my body right now.... the thought of getting into a bathing suit in a month or so makes me want to ________. Just fill in the blank. I can't even explain. I've been thinking....maybe I'll get a tankini and wear shorts with that and call that a bathing suit? What kind of tan line would that produce?? ;) I've never been this distraught about bathing suit season.

As of this morning.... I've decided that I am wasting time and emotional energy on stressing about this 'problem'. I am going to do something about it. In fact...I already have. I picked up a Self magazine the other day and decided to commit to doing the workout they suggest. And... I felt like such a weakling fatty that I am slightly inspired to do it again tomorrow morning.

However, I think half my problem is what I eat. I eat junk 75% of the time. Cupcakes... and yadadadada. I could go on for a while. It shouldn't be this hard b/c I love healthy food too... a lot. I guess I just don't crave it like I crave sweets.

Therefore....I will be writing down everything I eat from breakfast to those late night snacks.... so that I can really see what I eat in one day (maybe I'll even total up caloric intake).

There are two reasons that I am posting this: (1) so that YOU can keep me acountable (2) Now it's on 'paper' and I have to follow through with what I said.

We'll see how this goes. And don't worry.... I do know that Jesus loves me no matter what physical state I'm in. lol.

Happy Monday!


Nicki said...

FYI - I thought you looked better than ever when you were visiting ... and don't worry I'll be there soon and I'll make everyone around me feel skinnier :P Today the doctor suggested I start swimming when the pool opens soon ... yeah like I want to be in a bathing suit in front of the whole town :P

Steph said...

lol, nicole you would be the cutest pregnant shwimmer! you'll make all the non-pregnant women want to be pregnant. by the way, thanks for the compliment :)

the CoR said...

Check out sparkpeople.com. You can keep track of what you eat on there, and it calculates the calories for you. It's brilliant. Plus, it's got a bajillion health articles, forums for accountability, work out ideas, etc. The lady I work for uses it and LOVES it. She's lost a ton of weight.

Emil said...

you and me both jr. patty mcfatty and i am totally balnking on the name you had for me :)

Haf Dozen Reasons....... said...

Oh you!!!! You are perfect. Grab that polka dotted bikini and a yogurt and hit the beach already!!! Well when the heat wave returns anyway!!!