Just around the river bend!!

Shoot, now I have that Pocahontas song stuck in my head. And so do you!

Ok, sorry.

I'm doing everything I can to not have a nervous break down. I'm trying to think of everything BUT the fact that I have an interview with BSU in less than two hours... on the phone. If this would have been the case a year ago...I would have been pacing and crying. I used to HATE talking on the phone with people I have never met... especially when it was regarding something even remotely important. I might even say it was a phobia. K, maybe not... but it just seems more blog worthy that way.

I used to write out what I was going to say... and rehearse it in my head (several times). I used to put off the phone call until the VERY. LAST. MINUTE. Then I would have a new sense of panic because of the time crunch. Sometimes I would just sit there with my phone in my hand...number dialed... waiting to hit send... My heart rate would SOAR... then I would get shaky... and meanwhile my friends are like... "JUST DO IT!!" ... I'm getting shaky just reminiscing.

I know for sure that I have missed out on a lot of good opportunities because of that fear. BUT, I have come a long way... and have had many phone calls with people I have never met... phone calls regarding important matters... and I have survived! Wow...this sounds lame. But I'm proud because it is something that I have overcome.

All that to say... I think I will be fine during this interview... it's just the anticipation that's killing me. I'm going to just talk with them... and hopefully they can see that I am genuine and passionate. I am terrible at expressing my thoughts, so I'm trusting that God will guide my words.

Holy Moly.

It's Nicole's birthday today :) She told me that since the interview is on her birthday... nothing can go wrong :) I like that idea!

Happy Birthday Nicole!!


Emil said...

let me know how it goes...praying :)

Haf Dozen Reasons....... said...

Glad you have overcome the phone phobia!!! Hope it all works out for ya even if that means leaving SD.

When I first started dispatching it drove me nuts. Talking to complete strangers all over the country about very important business. Nerve wracking. It didnt take long to learn to LOVE it.

Nicki said...

I want to know as soon as you know!!!