Just do it. Click on the links! I'm aiming for a random collaboration of sites that I enjoy...


... This is just funny. It's something that I'm sure we've all been a witness to...


... I discovered this site through a friend that got her engagement photos done by this photographer... and HOLY COW! She's only been taking pictures for a year... and explains that she sort of stumbled upon this new found hobby/business... and she's awesome! Check it out.


... Just plain funny.



... For those days when you just need a reminder of how 'normal' you are.


...I stumbled across this blog, and thankfully stumbled across her blogroll/links page... fun for YEARS. I love browsing through people's showcase type blogs where they display all their projects...AND explain how they did it. It's inspiring and sickening all at the same time ;)


...Needless to say... I'm addicted to networks like this one.

Consider this Part I. :)

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Haf Dozen Reasons....... said...

Wow!! Thanks for something to fill my time whenever I were to be bored. Like on Monday nights when there is NOTHING on tv and the kids all have lots of homework!!!