I am thankful for...

Family that is loving and supportive

Friends that are loving and supportive

A God that knows what He is doing
A perfect nephew

A car that works

Safe snowy traveling

A job that is so much more than an 8:00 - 5:00 responsibility

An awesome church home

Christmas music

Christmas lights

Christmas GIVING

My three foot Christmas tree :)

Good stories

Good food

Good cooks in the family!

Completion of Semester #1 (out of 6)
Good books - any recommendations?
... a more thourough blog is on it's way


two things

I've got two things to say:
1. I admire dilligent bloggers
2. I am not one of them

I'm not even going to use the "b" word (busy) b/c everyone can use that 'lack of time' excuse. I WILL blog soon. In fact... I WILL post a new entry by next week. Hold me to it!