Oh dee doh dee

I got it. Influenza A. Aaaand I'm hoping I haven't shared it with anyone. So if you've seen me in the last 5ish days... and find yourself coughing... go to the doctor and get tested for Influenza A right away! Not a big deal... they just shove a cotton swab up your nose... and take it to the lab and you get the test results in a few minutes. If you catch it in the first 48 hours... you can get meds to kill it, otherwise you have to let it run its course.

Can you tell I've been sick... nothing else to report besides ailments.

Oh except, Lindsey got accepted into Boise State :) That's pretty darn exciting! She's a Bronco in the making! Yay for blue turf!

Aaaand I'm waiting for my letter :\

Since I've been bedridden I've been reading this book called Things We Couldn't Say. It's all about the Dutch resistance to the Germans in WWII. If you have any slight interest in war stories or human rights issues... you would love the book. I'm only a 1/4 of the way through and I'm thinking of selling my German car.... ok not really but I'm going to look at Shnitzle a little differently ;)

This is really no place for joking.... just go read the book.

I am so excited about baseball .... opening day is 39 days away! Spring is the best time of the year, there aint no doubt about it.

I think I might sign up to be on a softball team for the summer... I'm pretty sure there's a co-ed slowpitch league in town... I'm not 100% that I will do it... since I'll be all by my lonesome. But I miss softball so much!!

I can't wait to get back to work...I've missed 3 days and I really miss those munchkins!!


Haf Dozen Reasons....... said...

Tessa just told me you were sick!! I've been battling it since sunday. Yesterday and today were not fun days at all. Cough, body aches, headache,sore throat, dizzy, and weak. Its been four days and today was the worst so hopefully I will start feeling better starting tomorrow.
I slept 10 hours straight and still woke up feeling like I was hit by a truck.
I'm proud of myself as I still continued to work even tho sitting here was not easy. I just wanted to lay down and cry.

I detest Influenza!!!! Mean stuff.

Get well soon!!! :)

Emil said...

i highly doubt the dutch were smart enough to do that :)

sorry you are sick :( if you feel better friday, let me know :)

Emil said...

opps i forgot to make a softball joke :)

seriously though, i think you shoul join...even if you dont know anyone

The Future Mr. and Mrs said...

SOOOO even though you don't live in So Cal anymore I hope you stay true to your Angel's roots. Does Iowa even have a baseball team? If they do, DON'T SWITCH! The halo will come and find you and...do something to you