times are uhchangin

I spent the last several days with Mark, Nicole, little Timothy and Gidget in Mountain Home, Idaho :) I had so much fun hanging out with them. We spent a lot of time in Boise and the surrounding towns.

I set up an interview with a lady named Melissa through the nanny site called care.com - the interview was on Friday. From the moment I recieved a reply from Melissa, I felt really good about my chances of getting an interview with her to be her family's nanny. I was confident because I have the experience to support my desire to be a nanny and a very open schedule (theoretically). When it comes down to it... I'm going to be swamped with school work... but I am 'free' anytime other than Monday and Thursday evenings.

Nicole and I drove to my interview together... and we were expecting a very nice neighborhood... and weren't surprised to find ourselves in an amaaaazing neighborhood. The houses were crazy beautiful. The town of Eagle is sooo nice and clean... and pretty unique in my opinion. Once I got to the house, I was greeted by quite a few members of the family. I got to meet the kids... and of course they are so stinkin cute! They have an 8 mo. old boy and a 3 year old boy... and a family friend - a 2.5 year old girl :) The interview was so relaxed - I felt like we hit it off right away. It was the funnest interview I have ever had.... they helped me in the way of picking areas in Boise to look for apartments and so on and so forth. I don't really think that I was expecting to meet a bunch of weirdos... but I guess since we only talked through care.com, a little part of me feared that they might be odd or something... ??

Anyway, I was confident when I left the interview.... and I knew that if she offered me the job that I would take it - no doubt. I'm usually such a worrier... and I don't think I really worried about getting the job. Well... I got a call from Melissa on Monday... and she offered me the job :) Of course I took it....I had chills/butterflies/whatever else you get when you're freaking excited. I still can't believe that I landed an amazing job (or what I predict to be an amazing job) so early on! I start July 15 --- who hires that early? I'm so stoked that my plans for Boise are working out so smoothly. This job will be paying more than I budgeted for. I'm also really glad that this family understands that I will be commited to school as well.

I went to an orientation for BSU and got to meet most of the people in my cohort - and a few people in the cohort ahead of me. I have a mentor from that cohort-- which is super comforting.

I got to meet some of Nicole and Marks friends and church family. Mark invited me to play raquetball and wallyball on the base with him. I had such a good time! I had never played either of those sports before....and holy cow raquetball is intense! Wallyball is awesome too... it's basically volleyball but you can hit the ball of the walls and ceilings. Pretty darn sweet.

I'm still continuing the search for an apartment. There are a few that we visited that I really liked - so I'll have to keep those in mind. It was nice to have Nicole and Mark along. Without them I would have been so overwhelmed and freaked out.

Currently I'm debating about where exactly I should live -- closer to school or closer to work? Either way I'll be driving a little bit. Lots of big decisions to make.

That's a whole lot of detail that I just typed... but all that to say... I'm so excited to move to Idaho. It's so beautiful there... I could go on and on. But most of all...it's going to be sooo amazing being only 45 min. away from Mark and Nicole and the munchkin on the way :)

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