Son of a


My poor shnitzle has had a rough couple of weeks... Incident number one.... a little over a week ago my car got backed into. The lady's insurance is going to cover everything, thank goodness. So the headlight/part of the hood/part of the fender/part of the plastic molding around the fog lights is smashed... but will be fixed soon. Aaaaand it wasn't my fault. I wasn't even in my car.

Incident number two.... December 16 will forever be rememberd as the day I went into the ditch for the first time. Needless to say, one of the scariest moments of my life. One second I was going around a curve and the next I was in the ditch. I knocked over a baby tree.... Chris now calls me a heartless tree killer :) When I was sliding I was picturing myself ramming right into the fence....and I was shocked when I stopped a couple feet away. My dad doesn't work far from where I was stuck so he came and drove me out. Luckily my boss understood that I was slightly shook up and let me take the day off.

A little while later my dad noticed tracks right over mine... somebody slid into the same spot I did. I don't feel so stupid now! I guess it could happen to anybody. Oh well... it's a story for the grandkids ;)

Sidenote....actually an extra special sidenote.... my friend Al and her hubby Josh welcomed little Wyatt Jon into the world :) I can't wait to meet him!!! It seems like there are babies everywhere!!


Less than a week...

...and I get to see my norcal people :) I finally get to see my family....my entire family!! Seven days of being back in my hometown, with people that I hardly ever see...I can't wait! And to top it off, I get to see Chris too :) I finally got a camera, so now I have more than my cell phone to take pictures. I got a Sony Cybershot and it's amazing!

So only a few more days and I can get away from this blizzard business.


The highest of hopes is what I have

I've been browsing some blogs through JJ Heller's blog http://thelovelylittlethings.blogspot.com .... She has a bunch of links to all these awesomely creative blogs that share cute sewing projects. I have never really sewn a thing in my life... but I like projects and decorating so this might turn into something grand :) Maybe some inexpensive gifts will come from this adventure.... we'll see! Check out JJ Heller's blog... she's an awesome Christian singer/songwriter and apparently a very creative seamstress. Some possible projects :

... an apron
... a quilt (using fabrics like
... a throw pillow

I have high hopes. Hopefully I don't crash and burn :)


Yo necessito camera nuevo!

I am looking for a new camera and I need your help! So tell me...what is the best camera out there? Or maybe you could just tell me what brands are good/bad. Thanks!!


oh mondays

Going back to work after vacation is always hard.... today was especially hard. I actually got to see Chris for a couple days this weekend. I picked him up in Omaha on Friday and brought him back on Sunday. It flew by, but it was awesome to actually get to hang out with him... instead of just talking on the phone. Luckily the weather was nice, so the long drive wasn't a big deal. So, needless to say... I really didn't want Monday to come. I miss the days when the two of us could just walk a few minutes to see eachother :( It was fun though to take my car on a long trip, Shnitzle is a loyal companion ;) Her name is Shnitzel because she's a Volkswagen ... and Volkswagens are German (duh).
My grandma is in her own room at the hospital now.... instead of being in the ICU. She seems to be doing good. The doctors are somewhat concerned that she might have more strokes if she doesn't take it easy. That's all for now...