little tid bits

I'm very excited to report that I am officially done applying to Boise State.... everything has been faxed/mailed and I have been robbed of $55... but for a good cause I suppose. I'm pursuing a Masters degree. I am pursuing a Masters degree... wait is this real?? It feels like yesterday that I was applying for Undergraduate programs. My goodness. It's an odd feeling thinking that I am planning on being a School Counselor... when I feel still feel so young. Anyway, everything fell into place as far as application stuff goes... I really waited til the last minute (it's a skill I tell ya). Man, I hope they love me. Because I often think that my application will just mesh into all the others... but that is no way to think. They're gunna love me dang it.

Since I've been working at the daycare, I've been slowly remembering random memories of when I was younger. For instance... I was always convinced that kids were crazy and I would never have the patience to work with them (i.e. teaching) ...and now I cannot think of much else that would suffice. Except maybe being an architect... that is a serious dream of mine. It's a shame I hate math.

Speaking of math...

I was browsing through the "blogs of note" and I found this random lady's blog (apparentley it's worth reading) and she had a link for www.yogatoday.com .... and I have to say, I couldn't be more excited because this site has FREE yoga session videos. FREE! Nothing is ever free (really) ... except the videos on this site. You don't even have to sign up... you just click 'play'. SWEET! Ya, it's a good thing. I love yoga and I am just overjoyed that I found this. There are tons of videos -- you can actually sign up to receive an email with a new video every day. But uh, no thanks, I'll just pick which ones I want.

I'm going to be starting a series of classes through Sanford Children's Services in Sioux Falls in a few weeks. There are 9 classes and they are held once a week for two(ish) months. This is very exciting because the classes will more than cover my mandatory training requirements for work and maybe I can learn something useful...or something. A little somethin somethin to throw on my resume.

I cannot wait to be an Aunt... seriously. It's a title that I've been dying to have... so uh, thanks to Nicole and Mark for finally letting me be an Aunt. lol. I have all kinds of plans of things I want to make / do / etc. for this little munchkin in Nicole's ginourmous tummy.

It looks like tomorrow we are going to get a little taste of live-able weather. I think we might see 40 degrees? *please please please* I thought I'd never see the day. In fact, I never thought I would be excited to see anything below FIFTY. But, you live and you learn. And what doesn't kill you.... makes you stronger. Thanks to Kanye, because without that gem of a song... I would not be able to get through this winter. I hope you sense my sarcasm. It is Kanye right?
Anyway, because of the potentially good weather... Lindsey, my mom, and I are going to check out downtown Sioux Falls... chezeck it out.

I've been recognizing that I am really blessed to have my job. I work with kids that are just beyond crazy and amazing, I work with great people, and I just could not imagine my life without this job. This past summer I was so very frustrated with not being able to find a job in Hawarden, but man thank goodness I didn't find any.... because this job is perfect for me. God knew that and knows everything else that I am going to be doing.... which is awesome because I'm about as human as it gets.

Well this is just about long enough.

Ok, now its perfect.




new goal

I have a new goal. STOP PROCRASTINATING. right now. I'm terrible!! I waited until the last minute to get my application going for Boise State and now.... I'm risking it big time. I'm supposed to get three letters of recommendation (to show that I am qualified to do graduate work) and a letter talking about my career goals/ why I want to be a School Counselor and I am nervous that it is not going to happen. I can get the letter done... but I'm worried about putting this stress on three other people. "Hey you have about 5 seconds to write a letter in which you tell Boise State why I am such a cool person...." meanwhile they are thinking.... I hate you Stephanie..... thanks for the short notice. Oh well...hopefully people are gracious!

I hope this works.

At least I have Shnitzle back --- she has both headlights again :)


Man oh man

I never knew so many emotions could be experienced in such a short time...

The week of Christmas my family and I flew out to Ripon and spent the holidays with my Grandparents and Uncle and his family. My Grandparents' have been having some health problems so we wanted to spend the holidays with them. It was awesome to be together for Christmas. It was really hard to see how much they have been aging. When you leave someone for months at a time, you tend to hold on to the mental picture of what they were like when you hugged them goodbye the last time. Before Christmas, the last time I saw my Grandparents was at my college graduation in May.

Now they are in need of nearly constant monitoring. It is weird to think that 4 months ago, they were living completely on their own. My Grandpa is living in a nursing home right now and my Grandma will be moving in tomorrow. I'm glad that they are okay with being in a nursing home.

My Grandparents are awesome. Most of my childhood memories involve them. They opened their home and their hearts to me and my sisters. They always say "You girls are like our own kids". Man, life would be so different if I wasn't able to spend all that time with them. Whenever my Grandpa prays he always says "Let us be a blessing to others". He doesn't just pray that.... he really lives it. They have taught me that being a blessing to others is one of the best gifts you can give. I miss them so much!!

One of the hardest parts about living in South Dakota is being away from them. I remember when my dad told me that we were definitely moving to SD.... I was so pissed. And once that subsided, I was just depressed because I knew that saying goodbye to my Grandparents would be so difficult. It was horrible. I hate goodbyes to begin with... and that was just terrible.

All that to say... being with them for Christmas was the best present :) ... but little did I know...

If you havn't already heard.... My sister Nicole and her hubby Mark are going to have a baby :) What a great surprise! We all are so stoked :) The baby is due in August. Can't wait!! I get to be Auntie Shtephy!!

Amidst all the excitement, there was some terrible news as well. Chris called me on Christmas Eve and told me that his Grandpa George passed away. This completely broke my heart. Grandpa George was such an awesomely selfless man. I am so glad that I got the chance to know him. I still cannot believe that he has gone to be with the Lord. When I was spending time with Chris and his family, I heard a few times that Christmas was Grandpa George's favorite holiday. It is encouraging to think that he got to spend his favorite holiday with his Savior.

I am really thankful that I was able to spend a week with Chris and his family. I got to hear some great stories and memories of Grandpa George. What a guy!

Through all of this, I have relearned how to depend on the Lord for strength. He knows my daily needs... and it's a good thing because I have a such a false idea of what I need.

I am so thankful for the people in my life. Hopefully I am a blessing to them as much as they are to me.