Cabin fever

I'm feeling like I've been couped up for years. I went back to work yesterday... and it kicked my butt. I'm hoping my energy comes back by Monday. Today has been so blah. I can't muster up the energy or motivation to do anything. Maybe it's my antibiotic?

I was going to visit Emily and Jerry in Kansas City tomorrow and then I found out it's close to a 6 hour drive... and I don't have the time or the funds for that. Man, that would have been fun though. I miss them!!

I almost feel depressed. I just need some warm weather. I just want to sit outside and read a book or play with the dogs... but it's still too white and cold out there. I vacuumed the glass out of my car today and my fingers about froze off....even though I had heavy duty Dad-approved gloves on. I'm working on getting a new windshield.... so maybe I can take Shnitzle for a spin again.

Right now I wish I could....

visit a bunch of people i miss
just lay in the sun
go for a run
play tennis
go to a concert

Chris is coming at the end of March :)

Well...I'm off to fill out the FAFSA... this procrastinating thing is still in full swing.

How many days til Spring?? www.snowsucks.com

Death Cab is going to be in Omaha... oh man that would be awesome.


Nicki said...

Come to Cali with us - its in the 70's there!

Emil said...

wish we could have seen you too, but drving in the snow is scary!!!!! 3 more months though :) miss you!!!