The highest of hopes is what I have

I've been browsing some blogs through JJ Heller's blog http://thelovelylittlethings.blogspot.com .... She has a bunch of links to all these awesomely creative blogs that share cute sewing projects. I have never really sewn a thing in my life... but I like projects and decorating so this might turn into something grand :) Maybe some inexpensive gifts will come from this adventure.... we'll see! Check out JJ Heller's blog... she's an awesome Christian singer/songwriter and apparently a very creative seamstress. Some possible projects :

... an apron
... a quilt (using fabrics like
... a throw pillow

I have high hopes. Hopefully I don't crash and burn :)


The Future Mr. and Mrs said...

good luck! post some pics of your creations when they are done!

Emil said...

maybe you should make me a barf bag...for when i see you next. :)

Emil said...

as long as the mirror faces towards you...it should work :)

Steph said...