I've been ignoring this blog.... no reason, no good excuses. So I'm just going to type stuff as it comes to me... if you don't like reading disorganized ramblings.... just go eat a cookie or something.

I've been in Idaho for a month now, and quite a bit has happened... and not happened.

I feel dumb saying this because it's so apparent... but God has been guiding this new part of my life from the very start. I've been frustrated, royally pissed, stressed to almost the max, and ridiculously excited all b/c of all this mumbo jumbo.

I've been looking for an apartment since March/April... and I am just now applying for my first one. I'm not one to make quick decisions or to choose something when I haven't seen all my options. So it took a lot of searching to find the golden ticket. This place that I've chosen to apply for has met 90% of all my requirements. But... that doesn't mean that's where I'm supposed to be - so I'll be excited when I get the call. Patience is being tested and stretched - but all for a good reason... right God??

Speaking of searching... Chris is still searching for a job out here and has resorting to searching/applying for jobs in CA b/c no one is hiring out here. I know he will be where he is supposed to be... but we both thought that that would be Boise in a very short time. And maybe it will be.

I've been rescued from a $1,500 Volkswagen service department bill - ya. Thank you Jesus for warranties. I lost my phone for a few hours... and luckily found it in a park on the AF base... had I dropped it 1 second later it would have been parking lot roadkill.

I work for two awesome families - families that hardly know me but are so generous to me... how did I land such a great job? I have so much freedom at this job, and they are so trusting - it's a great feeling. Working at the daycare was awesome, but this job has such a great pace...it's exactly what I needed.

I've been spending a lot of time with my sister and bro-in-law and the bun in the oven - it's crazy to say that this is the most time we have spent together in 5 years? That doesn't sound right b/c it's so long...but it's true. Timothy is going to have such a great life :) The kid already has an awesome room... mostly everything on the walls were made/decorated by Nicole.

I'm tired of typing. And if I were you...I'd be tired of reading by now.

More frequent updating is in the future!


Haf Dozen Reasons....... said...

You are most definitely on the journey of life...all the ups and downs! Hang in there and follow Him!!

And journey onward some more....

Miss you!

Lilly said...

i just wanted to let you know that i have been reading your blogs, just haven't said anything - Lela

PS: good luck to chris in his job search! he is the best substitute brother ive ever had :)