Pay day is always a good day

It's true, pay day is always a good day. Today was a good day. I caught the cold thats been floating around work... but its hard to avoid when kids and babies are hacking all over me. But besides this lurking cold... I'm really doing good.
My job is awesome. Seriously awesome. I love the kids I work with! They crack me up every single day! Today some kids were sharing their political views... and they are obviously midget versions of their parents... but its hiliarious to hear a 2 year old say "Barack Obama is stupid!" And I think it's awesome that a 6 year old wants McCain to win the election because McCain likes guns :) Maybe I'm biased...but these kids are smart. Anyway...enough politics.
The sunset was beautiful tonight. I LOVE sunsets. I know.... who doesn't love sunsets. But I really love them. Sunsets just blow me away. I still feel that Ripon, CA has some of the best sunsets I have ever seen. But the midwest has had some really awesome sunsets as well... just not as often.
To top it all off... I won a $50 gas card from Pizza Ranch! Woooo!! How awesome is that in itself?! And then to think that gas, as of today, only cost $2.05! That is amaaazing! I'm stoked! God knows, I needed this.
I am even more excited because my mom is coming back from CA next week :) I haven't seen her in over a month. Chris is also coming out around Thanksgiving :) I cannot wait!! It has been wayyy too long since I have seen that boy :(
I am currently looking into taking a crash course in "Driving in snowy/icy weather". I am NERVOUS.


Haf Dozen Reasons....... said...

Hope you are over this cold quickly! You and Tessa do have a fun job!

Excited for you all to have your mom at home again!! I miss her!

And Chris is coming so soon again?!!

Steph said...

yes :) lots of things to be excited for!!

Emil said...

why has shirley been gone so long?

Steph said...

my Grandpa had heart surgery and my mom flew to CA to take care of him.